My Kind Of Venue: Where The Venue Is the Art, at Mathew Rachman


This week, Amazing Edibles would like to introduce to you another gallery venue that will provide you with an one-of-a-kind space for your event: Matthew Rachman Gallery. Like Woman Made Gallery, introduced in our previous entry, Matthew Rachman Gallery is also located in a hip neighborhood called West town on Chicago Ave. When walking into the gallery, […]

My Kind Of Venue: The Alternative Event Space, Ignite Glass Studios


This week, Amazing Edibles would like to introduce to you Ignite Glass Studios, a fabulous alternative space where you can also learn about the fascinating art of glassblowing. Widely known as a Chicago wedding venue since its opening in 2012, Ignite Glass Studios has built their reputation as a modern and urban dream wedding space for many couples. The […]

My Kind Of Event: A Mansion For Your Event? I Think Yes!


Did you know that Chicago’s original “Gold Coast” was actually to the south of the Loop near Prairie Avenue during the late 19th century? This area was the neighborhood of legendary Chicago families like Kimball, Glessner, and Field. Among the mansions, the Keith House stands proudly on Prairie Avenue. It is both a noble witness […]

My Kind Of Venue: When In Floating World


Floating World, or Ukiyo in Japanese, refers to the art and culture that reflects the Edo period, the time of great changes in Japan. The term is honorably used to represent a wonderful gallery space in the heart of Lincoln Park neighborhood: Floating World Gallery. Align with the name, Floating World Gallery features both Japanese traditional and […]

My Kind Of Venue: Uncorked Art At Bottle and Bottega


Are you a professional artist? If your answer is either yes, no, or maybe, this would be a perfect party for you! Pairing painting with a nice glass of wine has been practiced by artists everywhere in the world for years. However, it was not until recently that it became a form of entertainment for the public. Founded in […]

My Kind Of Venue: Explore Your Inner Artist at Woman Made Gallery


One perk of hosting your event at an art gallery is that you will be surrounded with amazing Art. At Woman Made Gallery, it’s not just any art but art with a mission. Woman Made Gallery has pledged to “support, cultivate, and promote the diverse contributions of women in the arts through exhibitions and other programs”.  Located […]

My Kind Of Venue: Choose UIC Forum for Your Event


From a convention to a lecture, a symposium, concert or social event, if you’re looking for a high capacity modern venue for your event, it’s time to put the UIC Forum at the top of your list. With a total area of 30,000 square-feet, this event venue can accommodate all your needs. Located on the UIC campus, easily accessible from […]